Why a Midlands Retail Forum?

We noticed a distinct lack of expert support, development and networking opportunities for business owners within these particular sectors that we serve. We truly believe that the way forward for the success and growth of our businesses is through genuine sharing and peer-to-peer support where everyone can learn from each other, bring opportunities to the table for each other, perhaps even partner up and in turn experience growth within our own businesses as well.

This forum also aims to build a bridge between the larger, more established organisations and bigger brands and the independent micro-businesses and SMEs. Like so, we believe that the latter business sizes have an opportunity to become suppliers and clients to the larger organisations and vice-a-versa.

Who can join?

Anyone with a business in the retail, leisure or hospitality sectors.

Perhaps you run a retail business with fixed premises or perhaps solely an online retail business. Perhaps you run a grocery store or are a wholesaler.

Perhaps you run a gym or a leisure centre or you own a restaurant or are in the catering trade. No matter how big or small your business is, as long as your business comes under any of the above sectors, you are welcome to join.

Join us on all of our social media platforms. We will update you on all events, behind-the-scenes work and any exhibitions we attend. Make sure you book on to our quarterly events as well.

Get Involved

We always plan our events in advance so the dates for our 2018 conferences have already been decided. Venues, guest speakers, Q&A panellists, catering and everything else is usually decided in advance as well.

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