Midlands Retail Forum

We always plan our events in advance so the dates for our 2018 conferences have already been decided. Venues, guest speakers, Q&A panellists, catering and everything else is usually decided in advance as well.

We have already been approached by organisations who would like for us to hold our events at their premises. We are truly humbled by such support and thank everyone who has contacted us thus far. We aim to hold the MRF conferences as centrally as possible to Birmingham to allow for easy travel and access to the events. We do however aim to take other points into consideration as well such as parking (always a big point to consider!).

To become a Guest Speaker or Q&A Panellist, you must own a business or work for an organisation in the retail, leisure or hospitality sector. We aim to provide value and a place to discuss future trends, challenges and opportunities within the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors and so you must be able to demonstrate experience within these sectors. Our conferences are not about selling during presentations but giving value. We have strict speaker guidelines to ensure we meet our aims and provide the best value to our delegates.

If you would like to host our conferences at your venue, become a guest speaker or a Q&A panel member, then do get in touch with us via with a brief about how you can support and bring value to the forum. You must either be a business owner or an employee within a Retail, Leisure or Hospitality business.

The details for our future conferences are:

  • Monday 29 January 2018: Hospitality Mindset
  • Monday 23 April 2018 : Technology in Retail, Leisure & Hospitality
  • Monday 24 September 2018: The Golden Quarter: Making the Most of the Final Quarter for Sales