Midlands Retail Forum

The MRF is online and in-person business networking and support forum for businesses who operate on or around our High Streets and Town Centers across the Midlands.

We are a not for profit organisation and objectives;

  • Provide a support platform for SME businesses who operate on High Streets and in Town Centers, typically from within the Retail, Leisure and Hospitality sectors.
  • Provide a peer to peer networking forum, which is not overrun by coaches and mentors, but rather actual business owners.
  • Share insights from the industry based on research that they conduct.
  • Bring expert speakers and panellists to events to share their knowledge for the benefit of our members
  • Connect our members with support organisations such as Chambers of Commerce, BIDs and Central Government bodies such as BEIS

Big messages for 2020

The big message’s we are championing this year are;

  1. High Streets and Town Centers need to evolve to stay relevant.
  2. Smaller brands can challenge the bigger brands by delivering a unique and memorable service and all round experience.
  3. When visiting a business or a Town Center, are looking for that all round experience that covers may more things that just the transaction.